Monday, September 10, 2012

Cultural Festival 2012

On Tuesday the 4th of September the whole of burnham school went to watch the 30th Anniversary of the Cultural Festival at the CBS Arena, but the best part was we also got to perform too.

When we got inside I was as happy as can be because I saw an actual Basket Ball court, then we sat down, we watched a few schools perform then it was our turn.

The Boys got dressed into there piu pius and the Girls where allready in there dresses, when we got on stage I was really excited.

The Boys did 3 haka then we sang 2 songs alltogether, I also heard the Juniors cheering us on.

Once our performance was over we undressed and sat back down to watch a few more schools perform, then it was time to leave the Arena.

We went back to school on the busses.

I had a great day.

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