Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planet Aussie sucks

One mysterious morning I woke up alone on a very strange planet. I wondered were the heck I was, until I saw a sign, it said : welcome to planet Aussie sucks, I really liked that name because I was wearing my Allblacks jersey. When suddenly I saw lots of kids from the future wearing these weird
Allblacks jersey's, they were black and white as usual, but they were very colourful. Later on I went to explore the planet I went for a walk in the forest, and I heared talking tree's talking about Australia, oh Yeah I forgot to tell you I met the headmaster of the planet and he spoke everyone had to talk about the Allblacks so I headed to the headmaster's office I went over a bridge over a waterfall. I told the headmaster about the tree's. The next day later the headmaster kicked the tree's out and there was no more Australia ever to be told. The headmaster me a portal so I transferred myself to bed.


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