Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cultural Festival 2014

Thursday the 4th of September

Once I got off the bus I followed my teacher into the Horncastle Arena.  We walked through the doors, down the hallway and into the dress room to put on our uniform, the front row of the boys in the school haka got to wear earings, that was me ; once we were all suited up we got into our lines and then entered the quiet zone (backstage)  Waiting for our turn to perform.

After the first school had finished I was so excited.  My line walked up the ramp getting closer and closer and closer to the bright, hot stage.  I walked onto the stage and stared at the screaming crowd.  The next words I heard were Kahea te ata as Matthew M started us off.  We next sang Tenei Matou.  I knew all the words and all the actions.  Next it was the boys time to shine performing the Christchurch super haka, Tahu Potiki, Harley was our leader.  After that we sang the girls poi song called standing in the hall of fame, they were really good.

Finally my favourite part of our performance was the school haka, Standing in the shadow of TU, I am really good at it.  Once we finished the school walked off stage and headed towards the dress room to get changed.  It took along time for us to get back to our seats.  My favourite performance to watch was the Irish dancing, they were outstanding.  After all the schools had finished everybody stood up and sang He honore.

I had a wonderful night, I was very tired.

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