Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Term 1 Art sample

Print making reflection

To create a stamp you need to, first get a black and white picture taken of your face, then cello tape down your picture to the meat tray, next trace the outline of your face onto the paper stuck to the meat tray, and last of all carefully remove your picture to reveal your stamp.

The tools you need for making a print are, an A4 piece of paper, for your print to be stamped on, you need a roller, so you can spread the paint onto the ice cream lid and to paint your stamp, an ice cream lid, something you can put the paint on and so you can spread the paint out, some newspapers, to protect the table from paint and finally your stamp, so you can paint something and put something onto the paper.

I like the turnout of my print because, I thought it looked better than I expected it to look.

I would like to change the colour of the paint so it would be a different colour and it may look even better.

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