Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Captain Taniwha - What happens next ?

As the shark got closer and closer Captain Taniwha was screaming his little head off, he had to think quick. Mr Taniwha then realised he had his snot ray gun on him. Mr Taniwha reacted very quickly and blasted the great white with sticky slimy BOGGERS !

Mr Taniwha could hear sirens in the back round "Bugger!" He shouted.

"Well well well, Captain Taniwha," said the water policeman.

"Yes officer," mumbled Captain Taniwha.

"We better get this over and done with," Said the officer, as he pulled out his breathiliser. Mr Taniwha blew on the tube.

"Mr Taniwha I am afraid to say you are 1 snotogram over the limit, I now require you to hop out of you car, any words you say will be used against you in your court sentence.

That was the end of Captain Taniwha.

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