Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hiwi the Kiwi story - Gone fishing

One beautiful sunny day, Dad and I went on a fishing trip to Diamond Harbour. We were testing out our brand new speed boat.

Once we arrived at our final destination after a number of stops, I raced out from the truck to gaze at the amazing view. Next we reversed down the boat ramp to get the big red boat into the water.

"Dad were is your life jacket ?" I asked.

"I don't need a life jacket !" Dad yelled.

"Dad life jackets can save your life, if we bump into a hard solid log or something and this boat tips over, we could drown because we don't have a life jacket on," I explained.

"Fine," moaned Dad.

As Dad went to put his life jacket on I started up the huge motor to get our journey underway.

Dad found a great spot to fish for some mouthwatering snapper. I was the first one to cast my line into the gleaming blue water, about 5 minutes later something was yanking on my line, I realed in the fish nice and carefully.

"It's a whopper ! I hope it's 27 centermetres," I said.

"why 27 centermetres?"asked Dad.

"If the fish is to big it could have babies, a fish to small you need to place it back into the water," I explained. I measured the fish.

"bugger, it's 30 centermetres!" I shouted.

"I will chuck it back into the water," Dad said.

"Wait, Dad your not supposed to chuck a fish back in the water," I yelled.

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Dad questioned.

"You have to pick the fish up with a wet towel and place it in the water, so you don't rub off the scales, if you through a fish in the water you could harm the poor little thing," I explained. Dad carefully placed the fish into the water with a wet towel.

Once we decided we had had enough, all we caught was 1 oversized snapper.

"Well I think you've learnt a lot today Dad," I said.

"Yeah, let's go get a fresh frozen fish from the butcher shop," replied Dad. Dad and I had lots of fun.

Later on in the evening...

"Wow this fish is amazing," Mum said. Dad winked at me, I winked back.

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