Monday, November 10, 2014

Opening sentence story

''Ahh !'' the lady screamed.  Eeeerr ! went the brakes.  Poof ! went the airbag. weooweooweooweooweoo ! sounded the ambulance.

 "Sorry to interrupt  your Saturday morning movie, we have some breaking news.  There has been a deadly crash on the West Coast road just out of Christchurch.  The accident happened at the time of approximitly, half past ten in the morning.  Michele Pickles was down there earlier to give more on this deadly crash,"

"Hi there everybody, lets cut right to the chase, what suspected to cause the crash was the driver of the car that got hit and unfortunately has a broken spine.  The victim only looked right but didn't look left, then drove onto the road and got hit by a speeding car, the victim is now in a critical condition in the Christchurch hospital, the same goes to the speeding driver, although she only suffered a broken arm,"

"Thanks Michele,"

"Good game," I said as I finished my singles tennis game.

"Right lets go, grab your ice cream and we'll get out of this place,"demanded Dad.  As we drove of on our journey back home we saw a police man standing in the middle of the road.

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